About the blog

I am Anna, from the german kinship „Annun Sul“. At the Lord of the Rings Online Blog I’m writing about my experiences from the online-game. Sometimes out of it there arise some recommandations, tips & tricks or guides for you. Important to know: this blog reflects only my own opinion. Recommandations aren’t a Must! These are descriptions from what I have perceived and felt during the game. Of course this can differ from your opinion.
In the comments at all articles you can write down your opinion and discuss about that, but please do it in a reasonable way!

How to contact you?

Ingame: Nimlari, [DE] Vanyar
Mail: hdroblog@anna-fischer.info
Over my kinship „Annun Sul“: http://www.annun-sul.de

How to support your blog (whithout using the promotion banners)?

You like what you see? You are interested in following interesting articles? I’m really pleased! Here is your possibility to spend a few euros (via PayPal) for my next good-morning-coffee ;)